Horsham Downs School

(07) 829 4700 office@horshamdowns.school.nz 4 Martin Lane, RD 1, Hamilton 3281
Welcome to Horsham Downs School

 Lunches/Food Breaks

Morning tea break      10.30 am - 10.55 am 

Lunch break                 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm 

All children are supervised while eating their lunch and morning snacks, and dismissed to play by the duty teacher as they finish eating. During the summer, provision is made for children to sit in shaded areas. On wet days, they eat in their classrooms, under supervision. 

We are a para kore school, working towards zero waste. We do not have rubbish bins in the playground/eating areas and students are asked to take home their own rubbish/packaging. We are learning ways to create less waste such as re-usable containers, honey wraps instead of glad wrap, and paper instead of plastic.

We do not have a school canteen at school. We currently have an arrangement with an online company who delivers lunches to students on MONDAYS and WEDNESDAYS.   Order at www.lunchorders.school.nz