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Health and Medical


In the case of serious accident at school, parents will be contacted as soon as possible. If parents are unable to be contacted, the emergency contact  person will be phoned. Families are requested to ensure that the contact details held by the school are current.

In the case of any accident that involves a student's head, parents will be contacted to give them the option of seeking medical advice.


Parents are requested to keep unwell children at home until 24 hours after symptoms have ceased or as per the advice of a doctor. If a child becomes sick at school and needs to go home, caregivers will be contacted as above. 

Please ensure that the school is informed of any allergies or on-going health conditions.



If your child requires medication to be administered at school, a Medication Consent form must be completed and kept at school (forms available at the office). We are unable to administer medication to students without parent/caregiver consent.
Students are not to keep medication of any kind in their bag (for their safety and the safety of others ) unless permission is given by staff.
If you would like us to store medication long-term (such as inhalers, hayfever tablets etc), we are happy to do so.  You will need to complete a Medication Consent Form and tick the relevant box. These medications will be sent home at the end of each year to ensure that they are still relevant and have not expired.


 Horsham Downs School does not have a Dental Clinic on site. Any queries should be directed to the Faifield Clinic - ph 853 8145