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Current notices are listed below. Old notices from the last month (if any) are listed below them.

Congratulations to.....



Amidst the busyness of getting ready for production, we wanted to take a moment to congratulate some of our students for recent achievements.


We were excited to hear that Miller Sturm won the Y7 Boys category at the Waikato Full Primary Regional Speech Competition last week. Miller’s speech on ‘Homeschooling during Lockdown was not all bad’ was entertaining and persuasive.

This is a great achievement, as Miller defeated boys from 12 schools around the Waikato that entered this zonal competition.

Miller will now compete in the Waikato Full Primary Competition against competition from all of the Waikato. Good Luck Miller.

Also a big well done to all of the other Horsham Downs students that represented the school with pride.



Earlier this month, 41 students from Years 4-8 sat the ICAS Maths Exam. They can all be proud of their efforts and for choosing to challenge themselves in this way.

A special congratulations to the award winners:

DISTINCTION AWARD:  Alyson Lin, Kevin Chen, Jamie Phillips, Marc Qin, Ivyer Wang, T J Lee, Jason Li, Francis Bennett, Lynn Lee, Dyarko Kadry, Isabella Caie

CREDIT AWARD: Gloria Liu, Ben Franks, Nicola Chow, Ella Wright, Noah Welham, Maisie Purves, Lanik Kadry, Madalyn Davies, Cameron Irvine

MERIT AWARD: Vanessa Zhong, Andreas Caie, Millah Clark, Corinne Daly, Ola Gnutek, Victor Lin

Production Update


   Production 2020 Update #2

                                                            September 16

We are now less than a week away from our first big show! Everyone has worked extremely hard and it promises to be an awesome event. 

TICKET SALES: Ticket sales have been swift and evening performances are now sold out. There may be some matinee seats still available. Order using the google form sent out by email on Tuesday. Tickets will be sent home later in the week. Thank you for your understanding regarding the limits. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer more tickets next week if Level 1 is announced on Monday.

Just a reminder that there is no assigned seating. Doors will open 30 minutes before showtime.

If you require specific seating arrangements due to a mobility issue, please email office@horshamdowns.school.nz   There will be some designated mobility parks close to the hall entrance.

ATTENDANCE   Just a reminder that all children are required to be at all performances, but the times of drop-offs and pick-ups will vary between classes. Classroom teachers will inform you of the times for your students.

  • If you have booked to be in the audience, we respectfully ask you to remain in the hall for the entire show. Your students will be supervised in classrooms until the show is finished unless you have arranged for someone else to collect them after their scene.
  • If for some reason your child is absolutely unable to be at a show it is very important that you let the school and the classroom teacher know as soon as possible.

Next week, we will let you know the procedure for collecting students from classrooms as it varies depending on the alert level we are at.


We understand that this is going to be a tiring week for everyone. While school will be open for instruction as normal, we have made some allowances.

Tuesday Sept 22        Normal 9:00am start. You are invited to take your children home from 2pm. On Monday, we will send out a google form for you to let us know if you will be picking up your children at 2pm on Tuesday so we can have them waiting at the front of the school.   Performance 5:30pm -– class notices for arrival and pick up-times will be sent home shortly.

Wednesday Sept 23 and Thursday Sept 24      Optional 9:30am start (please note that as we have a matinee performance at 10.30, we do need students to be at school no later than 9.30 please).    3:00pm finish. Performance: 6:30pm – class notices for arrival and pick up-times will be sent home shortly.

Friday Sept 25          This will be a pack-down and pack-up day so if your children are tired, you have the option of giving them a rest at home day. School will finish normal programmes at 1:00pm and we ask that wherever possible students are picked up by then. Please email the office if you cannot do so, and we will arrange supervision.

After school care will operate as normal. Please let the YMCA staff know if there are any changes e.g students going to classrooms straight from after-school care.

Term 3, Week 8


11 September        Sports & Group Photo


Your Children and Your Family Values on Social Media


You may be aware from news reports of unpleasant videos and stories currently circulating on social media.  They are very easily accessible to our children at home. 

Our parental responsibilities as ‘first teachers’ of our children is to educate them in our homes. Remember that they are only at school 11% of the time.  The advice we received a while back from John Parsons, our cyber safety advisor, was to keep an open and honest channel of communication open with our children.  https://www.citizen21.co.nz 

His tips included:

Be the parent and control your child’s online access

  • Check browser history regularly – look out for it being deleted
  • Talk openly about online things children find upsetting or worrying 
  • Don’t immediately punish children or remove devices if things go wrong
  • Apply your family values to everything you do online
  • Use shared devices in an open area of the home – not a bedroom


By adopting sensible and proportionate procedures around use of devices at home we can ensure the huge advantages of the web are available and the downsides minimised.



Last week, we sent home quite a lot of information about our production. Just a couple of things to add this week……


As we explained on the last notice, ticket limits are dependent on the Alert Level/gathering numbers.  We will wait until after the announcement on Monday to put tickets on sale. If we are still at Level 2, tickets will initially be limited to 2 per family. We know that this would be disappointing, but in this current situation, it is the best that we can do. After much thought, we have ruled out postponing the production until term 4.


We have a working bee on SUNDAY 20 SEPT, 2pm, to set up the stage for production week. If you were able to pop along to help out, it would be much appreciated. Please email office@horshamdowns.school.nz to let us know you are planning to come.


Teacher Only Days in T4 

The disruption earlier this year cause by Covid19 has meant a slight reshuffle in our planned teacher only days later in Term 4.  The first planned day is Friday Oct 23rd (Week 2) to extend the Labour Weekend and replace the day we normally add to the Queen’s Birthday weekend in  Term 2.  The second date is Friday Nov 20th (Week 6) to allow for moderation of testing data in preparation for report writing.


All Aboard the Walking School Bus

Last Tuesday our walking school bus set off on its first journey.  Details are available from the school office. If you want to walk from school to the cattery, get fitter and enjoy easy parking then join the team!  Well done to Caitlin Wright for planning and implementing this for our school. Please support the initiative if you can.





Congratulations to our gymnasts who placed second in the recent Gymnastic Academy         Inter-Schools Tumbling Championships 2020.

 From our school the competitors were: 

Amelia Fellingham     Green division

Hazel Hill                     Green division

Alyson Lin                    Bronze division

Jasmine Hill                 Bronze division

Arna Kovaleski            Silver division

Mila Dol                        Silver division

Pippa Swney                Silver division

Alyssa Gaskell Diamond division and second place overall!  Fabulous work from the girls.  

Waikato Results below:

Winner:         Endeavour School 259.65 

Runner Up:   Horsham Downs School 188.00 

3rd:                Tamahere Country Model School 145.30



This year, a number of our year 4-8 students chose to challenge themselves by participating in the ICAS Competitions. These exams are designed at the University of New South Wales and are completed by students in Australia, NZ and the Pacific. At HDS we use these as an optional extension opportunity, so well done to those students that took up this challenge.  A special congratulations to the following students whose scores earned them an achievement award in Science and/or English (Maths results still to come).


 High Distinction:   Dyarko Kadry                                                                                              Distinction:             Lynn Lee                                                                                                                        Credit:                      Ola Gnutek, Jamie Phillips, Marc Qin, Ella Wright, Francis Bennett, TJ Lee,                                             Mason Jones, Lanik Kadry                                                                                            Merit:                        Kevin Chen, Jason Li, Isabella Caie, Sophie Wright


Distinction:              Lynn Lee, TJ Lee, Ola Gnutek                                                                                       Credit:                       Ivyer Wang, Ella Wright, Francis Bennett, Caitlyn Phillips, Katia Daly,                                                     Dyarko Kadry, Isabella Caie, Madalyn Davies, Sophie Wright                               Merit:                        Gloria Liu, Millah Clark, Nicola Chow, Matt Siddell, Lanik Kadry

Certificates will be sent home shortly.




Notices from the last month: