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Ag Day at Horsham Downs School

Thursday, October 18

What does Ag Day look like?

Children not involved with having an animal – These children will come to school as normal (9am – 3pm).  They will be in class, often completing ‘Ag Day’ related activities in the morning.   Once the first round of judging on the field has finished, (usually about 11.15am), classes have an opportunity to walk around and look at the animals, garden projects, cake competitions and buy some lunch at the BBQ and Cake Stall.   After lunch, children return to class for a short afternoon programme before going to the field for the prizegiving, which will begin about 1.30pm this year (or whenever the results have been calculated).

Children with a lamb or goat – These children are under the care of their parents for the day.  They arrive at school ready for judging to begin at 10.30am.  This is usually finished by the early afternoon.   Many will then stay for the prizegiving.   

Children with a chicken – These children are allowed to be on the field with their chickens, provided their parents are there to supervise.  Otherwise, chickens and diaries can be left in the chicken tent when you arrive at school and students will be called from their class when the judge needs you.

Garden Project Children – These children will be in class, unless they have an animal.

What to bring to school?

Cake Competition – The theme this year is Kaitiakitanga.  The cake will need to be brought to the Multipurpose Room between 8.30 and 9.30am.  Judging will begin after this and viewing for the school and visitors is between 10.30am and 12.30pm.  If you wish to buy your cake, you will need to pay $5 when you drop your cake off, otherwise once judging is finished it will be sold at the PA Bake Sale.  Please see the cake competition flyer for more information.

Garden project containers – Your diaries have already been given to the judge when you brought them to school on Monday.  Section B entrants - you will need to put your containers with your diary (these will be waiting for you) on the deck of the Multipurpose Room by 9am.  

LUNCH MONEY– Children are welcome to bring some money to buy something at the BBQ and Cake Stall.  Junior children will be taken to the stall with their class, and the teacher will supervise their purchase.  Adults, please bring your cash too, although EFT-POS will be available.

SHOES! – Please make sure all children have shoes as they will be walking around the field and will be close to the animals.

Are parents allowed to come to Ag Day if their child is not having an animal?

Yes!   You are more than welcome to visit.   If you would like to see your child, we ask that you visit over lunchtime (12.00 – 1.15pm), when you can spend time with them.