Horsham Downs School

(07) 829 4700 office@horshamdowns.school.nz 4 Martin Lane, RD 1, Hamilton 3281
Welcome to Horsham Downs School

In our team this year we have Mrs Julie Herbert,

Miss Raelene Gaffaney, Miss Rachel Ladd, Miss Leah White,

Miss Lisa DeVargas, Miss Karli Graham, Mrs Anna Henderson

and Mrs Fiona Asplin 


Tima Rua students are 8 - 10 year olds who learn to be
Imaginative, innovative, inspirational and
Mostly working towards being
Awesome, active learners
Regular discussion with our parents and practise of              homework helps us to
Understand and consolidate what we learn each day and
Achieve success as Horsham Downs Learners



Over our three years in Tima Rua we:




TIMA RUA is the team where children transition between learning as juniors and becoming ready to learn as seniors at Horsham Downs School