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18 December 2019 - 5 February 2020

End of Classroom information

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16 December 2019                                                 

Dear Parents, Carers and Whānau,

As 2019 draws to a close, we are looking ahead to school organisation for 2020. Please read and keep this letter as it contains important information that you will need for the new school year. It will also be posted on our school website.

  1. TERM DATES FOR 2020

      Term One:     Wed 5 Feb – Thur 9 April

       Term Two:     Tues 28 Apr – Fri 3 July

       Term Three:   Mon 20 July – Fri 25 Sept

       Term Four:     Mon 12 Oct – Thurs 17 Dec



As you will be aware this is quite a challenge for any school. When deciding the make-up of each class we have taken into account very many factors to ensure that each child receives the optimum opportunity that our school can offer.

Our prime consideration is the educational needs of each child. However, we also consider friendship issues, gender balance, age and maturity of groups within any class.  Many children have a specific perception of, or preference for, a teacher they expect to have in the following year.  This may be due to a family tradition of enjoying the same teacher over time in a certain year level for a number of children in one family.   The organisational requirements of the school, and the fact that some teachers move roles inside and outside of our school, means some children may be disappointed.

We understand that children and families at our school get very familiar with our stable teaching staff but changes in the staff structure are inevitable.  It must also be remembered that as the years of schooling progress, children are exposed to a wide variety of teachers and teaching styles, throughout primary school, at high school and beyond.  On a similar note, some children may not have been placed in the same class as their ‘best friend’ but this alone cannot be considered reason enough to change class. As you will appreciate, with full classes throughout the school, any overriding need to change class placement is likely to have significant consequences elsewhere.

Notification of each child’s class placement for 2020 was sent home on Monday 16 December.  Please contact the school office if you did not receive this.

A note regarding classrooms:  Students do not necessarily move up the school numerically each year. Some students may stay in the same room as 2019 or in some cases be in a lower numbered classroom.  This does NOT mean they are being demoted.  They will naturally be promoted by year level but that group could physically be in a lower numbered classroom due to the make-up of our school population.


As in 2019, we have an ONLINE option to order stationery packs through Office Max – see enclosed flyer. Items the children require are listed on the site and you may either purchase them from an Office Max store, or order them online and have them delivered to your home. Alternatively, you may use the list and purchase the items yourself from another stationery outlet. 

Please note:

  • it is VERY helpful for the students to have their stationery ready on DAY ONE of the school year.
  • if you are purchasing books from an alternative supplier, please check that the line size is the same as that specified on the list item.

 To access the Office Max order page, go to   https://www.myschool.co.nz


The wearing of a uniform hat is compulsory in Terms 1 & 4 and the school hat, polo shirt, shorts or skort are compulsory for all sports events.  These items can be purchased from the School Office during term time or during our holiday office hours (see below).

 Polo Shirt -          $37.00                   Polarfleece Jacket - $54.00            School Jacket - $66.00

Shorts/Skort - $35/$37                   Slouch Hat - $18.00

Holiday hours - The school office will be open for uniform sales on:

                    Monday 3 February          9.30am – 12.30 noon

                    Tuesday 4 February          9.30am – 12.30 noon

 Please be aware that we may not have all items in stock so please phone the office 8294700 before coming in.


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13 December 2019 - 13 December 2020

Term 4, Week 9

Monday 16th December

Y7 & 8 Dinner and Dance

Reports and class placements for 2020 sent home

Wednesday 18th December

Prizegiving 10.30am-12.30pm—Full school uniform to be worn

At our Prize Giving on Wednesday 18th December please remember to send your child/ren to school in their HDS uniform.  We hope you can join us on the day.  The event starts at 10:30am and is likely to finish around 12:30pm. You are encouraged to take children home at this point. For those spending the afternoon with us, lunch will run from 12:30pm to 1:25pm as normal.  

Thursday 19th December

School will still be open on 19th Dec until 1:00pm to allow time for moving of classrooms and furniture in preparation for the 2020 school year. Children must be collected between 12.30pm and 1.00pm. YMCA after-school-care will be available from 12.30pm onward for those families who are registered.  


School Accounts

We will be emailing your school accounts out on Monday.  In preparation for our end-of-year procedures it is tremendously helpful if you could pay outstanding amounts prior to the end of the school term.  This allows us to complete the work required of us by the Ministry of Education in relation to preparation for our school audit.  Your help and cooperation are much appreciated at this busy time of year.

Please be aware we have a new ASB bank account   12-3171-0027156-00



On Monday, letters will come home informing you of the classroom and teacher your child/ren will have next year, along with important information regarding the beginning of the year. We have finalised the classroom structure and have included an outline below. Please be aware that due to the changing numbers of cohorts across the school, some classrooms have changed from one year level to another, and some teachers have moved. For the first time, we have four year 7/8 classes, so Room 10 joins our intermediate cluster.

Classroom Overview in 2019:

Management Team:

Steve Dunsmore- Principal

Rachel Poultney – Deputy Principal

Christine Hommel –Assistant Principal/SENCO


Linda Watling – Y7/8 Team Leader

Leah Stanley – Y5/6 Team Leader  

Julie Herbert – Y3/4 Team Leader

Nicole Jones – Y1-2 Team Leader


Teaching Team Structure for 2020

Room NumberYear LevelTeacher
161Mrs Louise Filipo
151Mrs Ashley Freeman
11/2Mrs Elrika Keyser
22Mrs Nicole Jones
33Mrs Nina Tabrum
43Mrs Linza Wolmarans
54Mrs Joy Thompson
64Mrs Julie Herbert
145Ms Lisa De Vargas
75Mrs Anna Woolston
86Mrs Leah Stanley
96Miss Amy Halliday
107/8Miss Alexia Cochrane
117/8Ms Gillian Mackay
127/8Mr Dane McLeod
137/8Ms Linda Watling

Camp Parents in 2020 

We have been overwhelmed with offers from 92 parents to come on camp with the Y4-8 students next year.  We really appreciate the offers to give up time and expertise to assist in the running of camps however we only had 46 possible slots available. 

Letters are being sent home with students today, letting parents know if they are required or not. Please check students' bags. We know that some of you may be disappointed. Please know that there are many factors involved in the decision making and we hope that you will apply again next year. We will keep your names on file and if one of the camp parents has to pull out, we may contact you to see if you are still available.

On a practical note, it was a logistical challenge sorting the letters out with so many offers and multiple camps to consider. Hopefully we have sent letters to all who put their names down, but there may have been the odd glitch. If you do not receive one by the end of Monday, please email the office.

We remain very grateful to everyone who volunteered.  Thanks to all for supporting the teachers leading the camps for the benefit of the learners in our school.


As registration for these summer sports needs to be done very early in term 1, it would be  helpful if we knew how many students are interested in playing. Some students took home notices last week but it is still not too late to register your interest. PLEASE EMAIL Dane    danem@horshamdowns.school.nz

In Term 1, Week 1, we hope to finalise entries and will be in touch then.


Its that time of year again when we start tidying up our Library and Book Rooms. Please have a hunt around at home and return any Library Books and readers to the labelled box in the school office. 

No questions asked.

Thank you



At this time of year many children are starting to get excited about the upcoming Christmas       Holidays. So are the school staff!  In recent years there has been a tendency for children to give Christmas cards to friends which often include sweets, particularly candy canes.  Whilst we don’t want to appear as the “Grinch’, Horsham Downs School doesn’t want to encourage gifting sweets around the school. You can imagine the number of candy canes being consumed or traded!  As a school working towards ‘para kora’ (zero waste) we are also increasingly aware of the litter the innumerable sweets leave around our environment.  We wish all children and families to enjoy the festivities of the season - but please don’t encourage your children to share sugary treats around the school – there will be plenty of time for all that after 19 December.

Thanks for your support with this.


Salvation Army Food Bank

Hi everyone, we are going to start collecting non-perishable food items again for the Salvation Army food bank. Their stocks become very low over the lead up to Christmas, and we would love to replenish their stock with some delicious, "special treat" food for families to enjoy. If you would like to contribute, please place your items in the provided box in the office. The food donated will be taken to the Salvation Army in the last week of school. 

Thank you very much.


11 December 2019 - 11 December 2020

Board of Trustees Update

Please see below the link to the latest Board of Trustees Update.

HDS Board Update Term 4 Dec 2019 FINAL.pdf